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Design Project

The aim of this project is to create high quality fashion that is based on personality, experimental research, making skills, pattern knowledge, durability and quality and that communicates the start of a personal handwriting. 



“Als raken verbinden wordt, volgt delen vanzelf.”  

(“When touching becomes connecting, sharing follows.”) – Patrick Mundus 


In a society that suffers from superficiality and disconnection, there is a growing desire for connection.

In the past one had to be liberated from the collective, nowadays there is the problem that the “over liberated” individual leads an extremely disconnected existence.

You would think that we are more connected than ever: we are constantly in touch with each other via Facebook and Twitter. These are examples of short, rapid forms of connection that ultimately lead to disconnection instead of connection. We all do “our own thing” and are strongly influenced by our extremely individualistic culture.

In response to this disconnected feeling, we continue to search for it through spirituality and religion. Religion literally means connecting. In a time like this, look for a pure form of connection and give in to the desire to connect and be loved. Desire to have real contact with others and to live together in harmony.

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