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Soleá - short film (2023)

Soleá (2023) is a short dance film about a young woman looking for love within the superficial hookup culture of Amsterdam. One day she is captivated by an old flamenco rhythm, the “Soleá”, that loosely translates to “loneliness”. This rhythm sparks a series of events that take her and a mysterious stranger on a journey through flamenco, the city of Amsterdam, and her emotions.


Production: Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt & David Huson

Director: Mano Beeftink

Dance & Choreography: Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt,

Henry Labrada Rodriguez

Cinematography: Niels Lokhorst

Music: David Huson

Color grading: Luke Linssen

Funding: AFK

Sequence 1920x1080.00_01_09_10.Still014.jpg
Sequence 1920x1080.00_04_55_20.Still005.jpg
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