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Textile Innovation

Knitting Project

This concept is inspired by a Dutch form of community dressing from the former island Marken. Because it was an island the people lived very isolated from the mainland and reused and recycled everything they had. Also textiles. From small pieces of fabric they would create a new large piece of cloth. In between the different patches they would apply strips of crochet, to link the fabrics together. My fabric collection is based on this small detail. It’s about paying attention to the smallest. In this collection, the in-between-detail has become the whole.

Untill 1957 Marken was a very small isolated island, located 20 km from Amsterdam. Since 1957 the island is connected to the mainland via a bridge. Because Marken has been isolated for a very long time the people developed their own way of dressing. Because there was no influence from the mainland they just wore what they thought was nice. Due to the lack of control, the Marken style is very overdecorated and contains a lot of details.


Final fabric samples

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