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Group Project

The goal of this group project was to develop a new, innovative brand, inclusive starters collection, in three weeks. 

The word is too strong to only be heard. 

Synesthesia. A certain sound visualized into a color, shape our pattern. As well, a condition when the hearing of sound produces the visualization of a color. Welcome to the concept presentation of unmute.


The concept of Unmute in based on the fascination for the power of word of Amy Winehouse and Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela fought for what he believed in, no matter what the consequences might be. Amy Winehouse used her music to express her feelings and thoughts.


Unmute is giving the wearer the possibility of speaking a language that only the wearer understands. With this new language, our brand wants to emphasize the power of word. The language differs from each individual, but the individuals are all still a part of our brand, becoming a unity. 

The first collection: BIEM

This collection from unmute is called Biem. This collection from Unmute, the patterns, shapes and colors on the garment is inspired by the sounds from the life and surroundings of Mandela and Winehouse.


Rhythmic, saturated and layered are the three key values for this collection. The wearer has the possibility to personalize the garment by adjusting it. 

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